7 Easy Ways To Prevent The Spread Of Ringworm On Your Body

Are you suffering from ringworm? Everyone is aware of the fact that ringworm are epidemic. If you do not take precautions, then it will spread all over your body. Ringworm transmits from one person to another and from one part of the body to another when it comes in contact. Are you wondering how you prevent the spread of ringworm on your body?

Go through all the information presented below, and you can simply prevent the spread of ringworm on your body.

1. Keep Distance from Those Who Have Ringworm

Keep Distance from Those Who Have Ringworm

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Ringworm is a contagious disease. Therefore, it spreads to other parts of your body if it comes into contact with the affected area. Your body can also get affected with ringworm if you come in contact with someone who is suffering from ringworm.

So, if you want to stop spreading the ringworm on your body then learn to stay away from those who have ringworm. Moreover, you should also know how to keep unaffected areas away from affected area.

The easiest way for germs to attack other areas is by entering through wounds, mild or deep cuts or any other skin abrasion. Germs from affected areas stay on the different parts of the body. They wait for that opportunity to enter into a body.

It may happen that fungus is already waiting for any skin abrasion or wounds which landed on the skin by the contact with any person or animal who is suffering from ringworm.

2. Wash Your Hand Properly after Using the Restroom and Avoid the Use of Harsh Soaps

handwash properly after using restroom

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If you are suffering from ringworm, then it is very crucial to wash your hand carefully after using the restroom. You should make a habit of scrubbing your hand properly at least for 10 seconds before you rinse your hands.

Doing this helps you to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria from the affected skin to healthy body areas.

One more thing you should keep in mind is to avoid the use of harsh soaps. It is so because it disturbs the pH of the skin. Moreover, the pH balance of skin makes a great influence on spreading the ringworm and causing the more growth of it.

There are some good bacteria on the skin which are helpful to control the growth of fungus and it also helps to balance pH of the skin. It is advisable to use pinetarsol because it helps to keep skin acidic.

3. Always Dry Your Body after Taking Bath or After Swimming

Dry Your Body after Taking Bath

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It is widely known that fungus grows in wet or moisturized areas. Therefore, make a habit of drying your body thoroughly. If some of your body parts remain wet, then it will give a warm environment for the fungus to grow. Like, wet feet considerably implant moisture, and it helps fungus to grow.

Another thing is to change swimming clothes immediately after you are done swimming. If you stay in wet swimming clothes, then it will give chance ringworm to spread. Also, try to wash your clothes in hot water to avoid spreading of ringworm.

4. Avoid the Spread of Ringworm by Applying Antifungal Powder

Applying Antifungal Powder

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If you are suffering from ringworm very frequently then make a habit of using antifungal power after taking a shower. Moisture is the main cause for the spread of ringworm. To avoid this issue, you should use antifungal powder to your feet and to other body parts where moisture stays.

If you work out daily, then use this technique after a workout too. You can also start using antiperspirant for avoiding excess sweating which is the reason for spreading of ringworm. Additionally, make your family member use this antifungal powder to avoid the spread of ringworm among the family.

5. Keep Your Bathroom Clean from Germs and Bacteria

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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Ringworm are the admixture of various organisms. Also, the bathroom is the place full of staph and influenza germs. You can avoid these sources of ringworm by cleaning your bathrooms and your house with antiseptic cleaner. You should not forget to clean floorboards and corners especially because cobwebs and dust collect over there.

6. Use Your Toiletries and Hygiene Items

Toiletries and Hygiene Items

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It is very important that you keep your daily hygiene items separate. Fungi, which are the reason for ringworm are likely to grow in places where your body fluid and moisture collect. So, if you do not keep your hairbrush, clothes, towels and other items separate from other family member’s items, then it can spread to your family members too.

Moreover, if possible then clean all the clothes with antiseptic soaps or liquid if you are suffering from ringworm. Try even to wash your hairbrush, toothbrush or other hygiene items often with an antiseptic liquid.

7. Always Prefer Wearing Those Clothes, which can absorb the Moisture

clothes that absorb the Moisture

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If you wear clothes which are not dry, then it can help to create an environment to grow fungus more. It is advisable to change clothes daily. You should always wear dry socks, underwear, and other undergarments because wet clothes give room to germs and fungus to grow faster.

You can always use cotton clothes for the extra protection. Cotton fabric helps to absorb moisture. If you wear clothes like polyester, then it will not help to absorb moisture. Look out for the good powders which can keep your skin dry even if your clothes rub frequently.


I hope that above mentioned information about seven ways for preventing the spread of ringworm on your body will help you. If you are suffering from ringworm, then do not panic. It is certainly not a deadly disease. However, you cannot overlook the possibilities of permanent damage to your skin.

Therefore, you can go through all the presented ways for preventing the spread of ringworm on your body and implement it in your daily life. If you have any question regarding this, then comment below. We will be more than happy to help you. Thank you!