Jock Itch Or Tinea Cruris: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Precautions & FAQs

Suffering from Jock Itch Or Tinea Cruris? Having a Tough Time Diagnosing The Problem?

In this article you will get full information on what Jock Itch Or Tinea Cruris is and how you can deal with this ugly itching problem. So let’s read on;

Jock Itch

Did you know that unknowingly you are risking your life everyday by either using yours or others unwashed towel, by wearing unwashed clothes or by remaining sweaty and not cleaning yourself properly.

Other Names For Jock Itch:

  • Tinea cruris
  • Crotch Rot
  • Dhobi Itch
  • Crotch Itch
  • Jock Rot
  • Eczema Marginatum
  • Scrot Rot
  • Gym Itch

If you have diabetes, you are an athlete, a homeless wanderer, a teenager, then your activities can lead to heavy sweating or may create moisture on your skin.

As you know that we are surrounded by plenty of bacteria, viruses, fungus, gasses in the air.

Some of this fungus react with the moisture and lead to infection on the skin and body parts leading to rashes, itching and may even stop you from doing several activities.

This fungal infection is called Jock Itch and spreads like dropped water on the table, which will spread till the end unless cleaned and treated before time.

What is Jock Itch? How Does It Look Like?

Jock itch which is also referred as “Tinea Cruris” is a type of infection that spreads across the buttock, over the genitals and, posterior parts of the thighs.

It spread fungal infection on the outer skin, nails or over hair. The infection is created due to exposure to mold fungi called “Dermatophytes” with moisture for a longer period.

Jock Itch Or Tinea Cruris


As the name itself says, it causes itching over the fungal region, reddish circular rashes at near the moist and warmer portions of the body.

It is very common among the people who sweat a lot i.e. athletes and with overweight people.

jock itch - lotrimin


The infected areas get red, scaly or flaky. Being clean and dry is the best precaution that one can take and treat it quickly if any body part gets infected.

Self-Diagnosis: How Do I Confirm If It’s Jock Itch?

If you get a fungal infection and it starts spreading at a higher rate, then you should start worrying.

If the area of infection turns into brown-red color and you get rashes all around, you can easily know that is Crotch Itch.

how does jock itch look like

One more to confirm tinea cruris is to see whether the epicenter of infection is your buttocks, genitals or thighs. Your doctor is the best guide.

The doctor will tell you just by looking at the rash. Also, the doctor will scrape some skin off and send it to the laboratory for diagnosis if found necessary.

Jock Itch Symptoms – What are the Major Symptoms?

Look for the below-listed signs on your body to check whether you are suffering from tinea cruris, as these are the most common symptoms of jock itch:

  • Pain on the bumps and continuous itching sensation over the rashes
  • Rashes occur not on the penis or scrotum but buttocks, near genitals, and posterior parts of thighs
  • The infected regions have scalable rashes and blebs
  • The center of the infected region gets turn from reddish to brown-red color
  • Spreads and infects the other nearer regions and are highly contagious
  • Difficulty during urination
  • White vaginal discharge and vaginal infection in women
  • In men, the infection spreads on the penis
  • Burning sensation in the anal part, over the thighs and groins
  • It gets worse after applying OTC anti-fungal cream

What Causes Jock Itch – Why and How Do People Get It?

Tinea Cruris causes due to fungi named as Dermatophytes. Usually, the fungus is present in our body and in freely in the atmosphere surrounding us and doesn’t create any problem in daily life.

But when your body part remains wet, or you are exposed to sweaty clothes for a longer time, moisture multiplies fungus very quickly.

jock itch - keeping moisture


Now, this faster multiplication or the faster rise of Dermatophytes causes infection which we know as Tinea Cruris.

As it is very contagious, the infection spreads through physical contacts, usage of unwashed clothes, and exposure to sweaty wet clothes for a longer time.

It can occur to anyone, may it be a man or woman. It is common among people with overweight as they get heavy sweating and fungus can easily grow through folds of the skin.

So, it advisable to clean oneself regularly with soap and dry your body using cleaned towels. Use powder if necessary.

Even homeless people frequently experience Crotch Itch and also the one with lower immune.

Where Does Jock Itch Come From?

Crotch Rot occurs when the moisture and the fungi are left in contact for a greater time.

The basic mediums of moisture’s are the contaminated and unwashed clothes and towels, sharing of infectious materials or direct physical contact with the infectious person with you.


Also, the infection can travel from feet to the genitals or groins or thighs when they come in contact.

For instance, infection travels from feet to thighs while wearing underpants or pants.

What Are The Effects of Jock Itch?

The effect of the infection by fungus and if left untreated can cause reddish, itchy bumps all over the body and if it gets spread will cause inflammation and itching over the body parts.

It also results in pain during urination. It can even result in a permanent change of color of the skin.

The itching will leave scars over the infected areas. Also, you can have sexual intercourse as it will infect the other partner badly.

Long term tinea cruris can create difficulty in your daily routine.

Is Jock Itch Contagious? Does it Spread to the Entire Body?

Jock Itch is said to be very contagious and can easily spread from one person to other. Eventually, it can also spread all over the body.

Try not to get in physical contact with the person infected with Crotch Itch as it will sooner infect your body.

is jock itch contagious


It quickly spreads due to the usage of unwashed towels, clothes and through physical contact. Even if any of your infected part i.e. feet touches your crotch, it will get infected.

It can also infect your spouse during sexual intercourse or direct physical contact of such areas with your spouse.

Best Jock Itch Treatment – What Are The Different Types & How To Get Jock Itch Cure?

Different types of treatment for Jock Itch and Ringworm are widely available; Tinea cruris cure can be achieved using these Anti-Fungal Creams, powders, and even few lotions.

Unless severe, Jock itch treatment can be done at home using anti-fungal creams and anti-fungal shampoos.

Shampoos containing Lotrimin or Tinactin can prove the best cure for Jock Itch; it should be regularly used during a shower; later, the infected areas should be dried, and anti-fungal cream should be applied.

Even sprays are available in the market, but in some cases, it increases the rashes. Therefore, it is better to use OTC creams.

The Tinea Cruris treatment involves dosage of:

  • Naftifine
  • Canesten AF Cream
  • Extina, Xolegel or Nizoral
  • Lotrimin, Zeasorb or Daktarin
  • Oxiconazole

Home-Remedies for Jock Itch Cure

  1. Enhance Hygiene Practices: Wash the infected part thrice a day and dry the area immediately after the shower. Avoid wearing skin-tight clothes and the one that can causes sensitivity, itching, and irritation. Apply ointments twice a day after cleaning the infected area.
  2. Holistic Treatment for Jock Itch: Apply the solution of water and apple cider vinegar to the infected areas. Leave it alone till it dries up. Rinse it off few minutes after it gets dry. Repeat this twice a day for better output.
  3. Fungal Treatment: Apply organic yogurt on the infected area; leave it for 20 minutes. Later properly clean your body with anti-fungal shampoo and apply an anti-fungal cream on it.
  4. Bacterial Treatment: Tea tree oil, coconut oil, regular tea bags are effective on bacterial infection. Antibacterial skin soaps like lever 2000 should be used twice a day to clean your body from the infection. After the shower, apply antibiotic lotions such as metronidazole or erythromycin for faster improvement.

Medicated Treatments for Jock Itch Cure

There are a number of anti-fungal creams, powders, ointments, and liquid sprays available in the market, which can be bought either over-the-counter or through prescription to treat Jock Itch.

You may use it either as precautions or for a cure.

h-jock itch formula by amoils


Following are the most effective and the best jock itch medications that are available in form of creams, oils and powdered form. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Amoils H- Jock Itch Formula (An Homoeopathic Formulation to Get Rid Of Jock Itch)
  • Undecylenate (Cruex, Desenex)
  • Tolnaftate (Tinactin, Aftate)
  • Terbinafine (Lamisil)
  • Clotrimazole (Terrasil, Lotrimin,Mycelex, Fungoid)
  • Miconazole (Monistat-Derm, Micatin)

The best cure for Jock Itch can be witnessed if you carry out all these treatments for around three to four weeks; however, if the problem continues, you should immediately consult your doctor.

People not taking this seriously can have long-term problems.

An alternate way to treat your itching problem if it’s not because of the infection is using steroid creams having triamcinolone about 0.025%.

So, now you know that to do if you diagnose yourself or your family members suffering from Crotch Itch.

Can Tinea Cruris be Treated using OTC Anti-Fungal Creams?

Yes, treatment for Jock Itch can be attained using OTC (over the counter) Anti-Fungal Creams if regularly used for 3-4 weeks.

It is going to redo itself over the same areas until the fungus at that part is cleared out.

Itching will remain persistent and your try to get rid of it by scratching is going to make it more severe.

The fungus can be cleared, and your itching problems can be reduced by the use of OTC Anti-Fungal Creams.

These creams should not have hydrocortisone more than 1%. Several creams are available and at cheaper rates.

What Are The Necessary Precautions & Preventive Measures?

Tinea Cruris is very contagious and spreads like a virus. People with heavy sweat i.e. athletes catch more often.

It spreads easily due to the usage of common showers, same locker room and during steam and sauna baths.

As it is spread more due to the usage of a damp towel, near to wet flooring’s and sweaty clothes, try preventing them.

Few of the prevention that will help you to reduce the risk of getting infected with Crotch Itch are:

  • People who frequently experience Crotch Itch should try not to wear tight clothes; clearly tight underpants should be avoided. Athletes should also not try to wear tight supporters.
  • Sweat and damp clothes should not be worn without washing them first.
  • Don’t even think to share your clothes and your towel with others without washing them on the first base.
  • The best way to prevent frequent spreading infection is to keep your genitals, vaginal area, buttocks, and posterior part of the thigh clean and dry. This can be easily done by usage of powder over such areas and dry them with a washed towel after every shower or whenever the areas get wet.
  • Try to cure other fungal infection quickly as it will soon spread in numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jock Itch

How do you prevent Jock Itch?

The best way to prevent Jock itch is to avoid the occurrence of it. There are several prevention tips you can try to avoid Tinea Cruris as follow.

  • Always dry off your body after taking a shower, perspiring or swimming with a neat and hygienic towel.
  • Try to remove moisture and heat from the groin area frequently.
  • Whenever you perform physical activities, do not forget to take a shower.
  • Prefer to use underwear which has a great moisture and air permeability.

When should you contact a doctor for treating Jock Itch?

The moment you find any itchy red rash, you need to visit your doctor.

Let the doctor diagnose what it is and if the infection is being diagnosed then wait for a while.

However, if you face any of the symptoms mentioned below then visit your doctor again as soon as possible.

  • If red rashes are spreading all around or current ones found with a different appearance
  • If your treatment is going on from more than two weeks and still you are not getting any good results
  • If due to your prevention techniques it disappeared for a period and then reappeared
  • If it gets uncomfortable with time
  • If you find any swelling around the affected parts or any lumps

Is Jock Itch curable?

Certainly! Jock itch is not a deadly disease. You just need to consult a doctor, and he will prescribe you right medicines for you to get rid of it.

You just patiently follow up the treatment because such kind of fungal infections may take few weeks to cure.

On the earlier stage, you may need to apply skin creams or lotions. There are topical anti-fungal medicines which are available in various forms such as gel, powder, spray and cream.

However, always avoid oral prescription because there are side effects of it. If Jock Itch does not much infect you, then you can always apply 1% hydrocortisone cream or zinc oxide ointment.

Do men get Jock Itch? Can men get it from women?

Yes, a man gets infected with Crotch Itch. Mostly athletes and over-weighted people are prone to Jock Itch but also man having heavy sweat or a homeless person who doesn’t clean and dry such infectious places can get the infection.

During summer, men get heavy sweat around the crotch, using unwashed or wet underpants and also not cleaning and drying the areas can easily get you “Jock Itch.”

Yes, a man can get Jock Itch from a woman if he/she comes in physical contact with each other.

Do women get Jock Itch? Can women get it from men?

Women who do heavy exercises or work and are prone to heavy sweating can get infected by Tinea Cruris.

Fungus creates rashes on the posterior and upper parts of the thighs, the area under the breasts and armpits.

Yes, women can get Jock Itch from men if they come in any physical touch or use same unwashed clothes or towels.

Can yeast infection occur due to Jock Itch?

Yes, a fungus called Trichophytonrubrum causes vaginal infection and grows in the internal tissues and also over the skin which is referred as a yeast infection.

Also, the layman term for yeast infection is a fungal infection.

As fungal infections are the source of Jock Itch and the main source of yeast infection is also a fungus, a yeast infection can occur.

Can Jock Itch lead to blisters?

Jock Itch is a form of fungal infection and creates rashes which are scalable, itchy and reddish in color which creates bumps over the infected part.

These bumps are nothing but the blisters formed due to the moist and warm environment inside the clothes and over the exposed skin.

What is the best way to treat Jock Itch in women?

The best homemade remedy to treat Jock Itch in women is by preparing a solution of water and apple cider vinegar.

Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are diluted in three cups of water to reduce the acidity.

Clean all the infected areas with this solution and leave it to get dry. Wash it after it completely gets dry. Repeat this at-least two times a day to get is healed quickly.

Are Jock Itch and STD related to each other?

Jock Itch is a fungal infection passing through every person coming in physical contact with the infected person.

As sexually transmitted diseases are caused due to infection passed during sexual intercourse, even it being contagious can pass from either woman to man or from man to woman.

So, Jock Itch can be related to STD as it is a type of sexually transmitted infection.

Can Jock Itch cause your lymph nodes to swell?

Yes, Jock Itch or any bodily infection can cause your lymph nodes to swell and get enlarged. If the swelling doesn’t get cured in a week, please consult your doctor.

What is the best way to cure Jock Itch?

There are plenty of homemade remedies and ointments available for jock itch cure but taking a salt bath or applying a solution of apple cider vinegar with water will do the job.

But again if the problem continues for more than three weeks, and infection keeps on spreading over the body, immediately consult your doctor.

Which is the best cream to use on Jock Itch?

Many OTC products to treat jock itch are available like Amoils H-Jock Itch Formula which is homoeopathic medicine and others include Miconazole, Terbinafine or Clotrimazole are some of the best anti-fungal creams used to get rid of itching and fungal problems.

But if the problem persists even after using it for three weeks, the doctor must be consulted.

Is Mupicorin good enough to Cure Jock Itch?

People do use Mupicorin as an ointment to cure Jock Itch but is not made for this use. So, do consult your doctor before using it.

It does wonders, but it is safer to take guidance of the doctor rather than falling into the well by own.

What kind of infection is Jock Itch? Fungal or Bacterial!

Jock Itch or Tinea Cruris is a fungal infection generated when mold fungi called Dermatophytes remains in contact with moisture for a longer period and get easily spread as it is very contagious.

Jock Itch &  Athletes Foot – Are these the same? 

Athlete’s Foot and Jock Itch are caused by the same fungus called as Tinea.

In both the infection, the person is left scalable, itchy reddish rashes over the body, the difference is only that Athletes foot occurs on the feet while Jock Itch in the groins.

So in reality, both are the same, it just its that it is named after the place of its occurrence.