8 Types of Ringworm Infections and Their Treatment

types of ringworm infections

Patches of harsh, reddish skin, itchy feeling, are these the condition you are going through these days? If yes, then it might be what you are worried about and which has led you to this article, Ringworm. There are different types of ringworm infection so let’s discuss about it in…

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15 Ayurvedic Medications Used in Treating Ringworm

ayurvedic treatment for ringworm

Aside from Allopath Medicines including ringworm creams and tablets, the infectious skin ailment, Ringworm, created by fungal contamination, can likewise be treated with Ayurvedic Medication. In Ayurveda this disease is known as Dadru. According to Ayurveda all sort of skin illnesses are the after-effect of tainted blood. To treat skin…

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8 Home Remedies For Ringworm That Are Nature Based

home remedies for ringworm

Many of you might be thinking what this ringworm is? Is it a worm? Well, let me tell you clearly once and for all that the answer is NO, though there is the term worm in it’s name but it is not a worm, but a kind of fungal skin…

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