Who Gets Ringworm – The Dermatophyte Spreading

The most sensitive part of our body which is also more vulnerable towards infections, than any other part of our body is the skin. As some part or the other of our skin remains open it becomes easier for infections to attack.

The most common and infectious disease that can attack our skin is termed as the ringworm. The term might not be unfamiliar for many of us yet not everyone is aware of what exactly is this ringworm is?

Going by the name it is common to believe that it might be some disease on the skin caused by some kind of worm! Well though the name can be dedicated to this though but actually it is not caused by any worm; Ringworm is a skin contamination because of a fungal growth inside our skin.

Ringworm is a very itchy reddish and ring-shaped rash on the skin that grows outward and can infect others, coming close to the infected.

Many Dermatologists or skin specialists believe  that more or less 10% to 20% of individuals get one or more contagious contaminations in their lifetime and Ringworm is one such exceptionally basic condition.

What Causes Ringworm?

Scientifically and medically the term ringworm is termed as tinea which alludes to a few sorts of contagious diseases of the top layer of the skin and scalp,& additionally the nails.

According to the medical terms the infection ringworm is caused by some dermatophyte. These Dermatophytes are any organism that taints our skin, hair or nails. Keratin, a protein which can be found in our nails, hair, and in addition the external surfaces of our skin, pull in dermatophytes. These dermatophytes attack our skin, scalp, hair and nails on the grounds that those are the main parts of the body with enough keratin to pull in them. These dermatophytes can live on the surface of the skin for a considerable length of time and can also be found in towels, brushes, the dirt and other family unit objects. Thus they can spread rapidly.

The dermatophyte spreads in four fundamental ways:

From Animals to Humans: If an infected animal comes in close proximity or touches a non – infected individual.

From Human to Human: If an infected individual comes in close proximity or touches another non- infected individual.

From an Object to Humans: When an infected individual or animal touches any object, many times it so happens that some traces of the infection causing parasite gets transferred to that object and stays there. Now  In the event those objects are touched by other non infected individuals, they can also get infected from it.

Who Gets Ringworm?

Now this is one of the most common queries by the curious and anxious victims of ringworms and their relatives is “Who Gets Ringworm”. From the above points it is quite clear that ringworm can attack both humans and pets. It is very common amongst both humans and animals. For humans it is said that tough ringworm can influence individuals of all ages, it has been seen to affect kids more. Again some ringworms like Ringworm of the feet and body are more incessant in men than ladies.

Grown-ups are more probable than kids to get ringworm of the feet, which happens all the more every now and again in hot climate. Amongst the animals it is believed that Felines are regular transporters of the ringworm. Canines too, easily get infected and can pass it on to people who stroke them. Moreover, pigs, steeds & rabbits are likewise strong transporters of ringworm.